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George Plhak

Thank you for taking the time to document the circuitry and posting it

This blog is Informative! Thank you.

an amazing and informative article

Thank you, George. This documentation is phenomenal! You’re a genius!!

Very interesting, a clearly described investigation

Great write up and interesting data you gathered. I also like your view of the latent chimney exhaust as a heat exchanger. Changed my view on my own similar configuration.

Great post. It takes me almost half an hour to read the whole post. Definitely this one of the informative and useful post to me. Thanks for the share.

Great story, I just added insulation to the exterior of my mini fridge and wondered if anyone else had experimented.

Well done George! I appreciate and admire your attention to detail! THANKS ever so much

Nice blog! Thanks for sharing

I think what you've built is amazing and has been an inspiration to me. Thank you.

Thank you George! -- your video helped me when I needed it.

This is very good demonstration.

Very interesting, a clearly described investigation Well Done!

I love the work you've done....Thanks again!

love it love it

thankyou mr. george,, i solve the problem ,, I just needed one drop of oil in the gears area, your video was very helpful.

Very clever idea and careful detail. Thank you.

What an amazing website!! Thank you!

I hate when stuff like that happens.

A really NICE system!

great stuff!


Thank you George!!!

Thank you so much for posting

It is a brilliant video.

this is outstanding! Thank you for the idea.

Thanks for posting!


I was searching for a simple mechanical solution and yours is the winner.

The best info was reading all the fellow responses of the common leaking ink problem and their resolutions

George Plhak Looks like you had a career that you really enjoyed.

George I think your awesome

this is outstanding!

why does it not surprise me that you are using a GREEN laser? :P :)

Ingenious, thanks for sharing.

Absolutely right! Great Blog.

Very Helpful!

Your work is impressive to say the least, and thank you for taking the time to share it with the world!

Helpful video. Even more helpful comments. Much thanks!

The world needs more intelligent people like you. awesome idea . Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Appreciate your video!!!

Thanks George for posting this information.

Thanks a lot! I had the same idea, but didn't how to make the arm. Your vid is exactly what i was looking for.

I followed your dismantle and eventually found my machine's problem. Thanks for your great, clear directions

thank you so much for this vedio

you have a bunch of cool projects you've worked on.

very interesting!

Thank you again for sharing your interesting and important work!

I want to say that I too found this to be the most helpful (and comprehensive) post on this subject ... thanks for the excellent post.

...this is the best information that I found on the internet, for this fact I want to thank you very much for your time to put all this info together for other needed people like me! All the best to you!

I am kind of amazed.

George you are brilliant!!

I really like your site – it has great information.

This is flipping awesome....

Wonderful. Engineering and art mixed to serve mankind in a fashion that doesn't disturb nature...

Thank you George!!!

George - You are the ONLY person I have seen who has shown how ...

Great job, Thanks

Thanks George for your work.

You have a wonderful blog and it was enjoyable to go to and learn a thing or two.

Hi, George! Great lamp!! Cheers from Finland, keep up the good work!

Nice work. I like the design and you did great work putting the thing together!

I am very happy to find this on the web.

Great article, George!

Great job, George!

Great site, valuable and very useful information,you has provided us for that I really thankful to you.

Awesome information, thank you.

Your blog is simply wonderful. Thank you so much for the good quality articles about evacuated tubes.

Sir, I genuinely believe that you have done a fantastic job regarding parabolic trough.

I love the book and your clear writing style.

Thanks for your great work!

Amazing...I very much enjoy your home use applications. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the reply, and all your good efforts ... enormous work you have made.

Looks like a good book, George! Your use of pre-made vacuum tubes is very interesting! I hope people start to build these in volume. Good deal.

Have a nice day and keep inventing things, you are good!

I have found your ideas extremely interesting.

I found it very interesting and useful for me.

Thank you so much for this, i have actually been waiting for it.

I really enjoyed your book

I just really like the project.

I'm really surprised about your work and your kindness to share your great knowledge.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and sharing it with us in great detail.

I am grateful you took the time to write and distribute your experience over the internet.

Your book was an extraordinary help.

I was knocked out by your solar concentrator.

book looks great!!!

I like to encourage people like you who invent things and share their ideas!

Thanx again for the inspiration for my project.

Your work is fantastic!

Insightful, well thought out and well written

Thanks for your help. Also for the plans.

Thanks so much, this book is an amazing support for our degree project :)

The book is very well done.

Really nice work George, thanks for sharing. Gives me some ideas.

George Plhak seems to be a tinkerer of the best kind. His low-cost approach to a sun tracker / heliostat is truly innovative. Regardless if the parabolic mirror set-up is any more efficient than the flat panel version, his single axis tracker is the real genius here...


Great site.

Your detailed descriptions are the best I have found so far.


Your enthusiasm is an inspiration.

That's a great setup :-)

I appreciate your sharing of information.

this is by far the smartest home made idea i have ever seen good job go on

That is looking really great! Keep up the good work!

Looks great.

sage advice.

Wonderful job ... I feel very confident that I'd be able to follow [your instructions].

Great project, minimalistic, elegant design. [Your] time and effort spent putting up such an excellent description is really appreciated. :)

a good example of outstanding ingenuity. Your work is an inspiration.

I've read a fair bit of what George has done--he's careful and very good.

I see that you have a great job on this things,congratulations.

I am quite impressed with the details you provide as well as the thoroughness with which you approach this hobby/interest. To say you add value to this area of interest for the DIY market is a gross understatement...Thank you so much for what you have provided.

Love all the data.

Your project documentation is wonderful, and the construction quality is excellent. But what I like most is the really good engineering. It shows up in the elegant selection of materials and simple construction which still conform to the physics requirements. Nice job!

Excellent attention to detail.

You do fine work. Thanks for posting this.

Excellent work on your collector design and evaluation testing.

I have been very impressed with your design.

Totally engrossed - very easy to follow and clearly laid out.

Nice job!

Very interesting design

Absolutely amazing

I am really impressed with your solar project.

I am very impressed with what you do

Great Video and Design!

Very impressed.

Thank you for an excellent guide.

We like your work !!!

What a deal for $25.00. Great job.

Your book is extremely comprehensive and covers everything in a very clear and concise manner. I am absolutely delighted with it.

Great job with the project I was amazed!

Good job george. Excellent presentation

I love your work on this project. You have several creatively simple solutions to the challenge of a parabolic solar collector!

Keep up the great work!

In 30+ years of being an engineer and amateur builder, I can't remember ever seeing a better set of plans -- great job.

I wanted to congratulate you on the excellent job you did on the plan book. It is without a doubt the best production of its type that I have looked at. Thank you for such a fine production.

I've read your manual over a few times. VERY well written. A lot of thought and work has gone into it. You are to be congratulated.

Very professional and very well laid out.

Very nice, very professional.

Love the plans!!!

What a wonderful and inspiring job that you have done, creating your solar collector.

What a nice project!!! congratulations.

very neat

Thanks, they [the plans] are really cool.

I am very interested to see what you have developed.

Thanks for your wonderful project.

Your device looks really sharp (very professional).

quite exemplary

pretty great

This is an elegant yet simple design.

This is exactly what I was looking for to heat some water for a hot tub.

Fantastic! This is exactly what I have been looking for.

You have done a great job. I can't wait to get started.

Congratulations, you really do a great achievement.

I'm interested in solar plans! Awesome work so far.

Congrats on a very nice project and thanks for sharing it with everyone!

A fantastic project, thanks for web pages/blogs about the progress.

I love your site about the solar fluid heaters.

I love your video and your solar trough.

You have a great project

Inspiring design.

I'm trying to decide what to do with all that heat

Beautiful looking rig for sure. Well done.

I love your design.

I think what you have produced is brilliant.

I was just checking out your amazing solar trough pool heater design. NICE WORK!

Simple yet very well made and efficient!!

What a beautiful system

Wonderful stuff!

I really like your idea


You have done an excellent job with your design

I know your solar concentrator will work fantastic in this area (Mexicali, Mexico)

Thanks for the great info!

its rare to find someone like yourself

Hallelujah!!! Thank you for posting such an elaborate account of your journey.

Your parabolic trough system design looks great. Well done.

I am impressed by your work

This is a very exciting project you have going on, a project I would like to emulate.

This project is really amazing. Excellent work and thanks for sharing.

simple yet elegant (engineerily speaking)

very nice job on your trough collectors, probably the nicest i have seen.

delighted to see your product

I find your home-built collector quite fascinating.

Very interesting design

Great Job!!!! I would love a set of your plans!!!

Congratulations, it is amazing.

I am impressed with your project.

Congratulations for your good work.

I find your home-built collector quite fascinating.

Great execution of the solar tracking troughs - simple, inexpensive, yet effective.

Fantastic solar troughs!

great blog detailing the parabolic reflectors

Great design...

I have enjoyed your youtube videos