Solar Parabolic Trough Concentrator: home experimenter's manual

March 31 2014 Edition (gen2-32.pdf)

  • page 36 near bottom below Figure 54, "This can be conveniently down with" down should read done.

How to build a Tracking Parabolic Solar Collector

March 22 2010 Edition

  • a Bill of Materials was not included in the plan book. You can get the complete BOM at:
  • on page 30, I did not mention that you should apply a closed cell foam strip 3/8x3/8" along the length of the side channel. If you look at the picture at the top of page 26, you will see where the foam strip goes. The foam strip is included on the bill of materials. The foam strip helps keep the edge of the reflector sheet against the fold in the edge of the side channel thus helping to keep the edge of the reflector sheet perfectly straight.
  • on page 47 of the PDF, there is an error "No bookmark name given" after the reference to page 42 at the top of the second column. The reference to page 42 is correct and you should just ignore the Error message. Printed copies don't have this error. Microsoft Word wasn't happy with something I did.