How to build a Tracking Parabolic Solar Heater

Original 2010 book - "How to build a Tracking Parabolic Solar Collector"
By George Plhak, published by FastForward Media

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Plan book (90 pages in color with 205 photos and illustrations) shows how I made my Tracking Parabolic Solar Collector in detail, complete method and sources of materials with many alternatives, performance testing together with full size patterns for the rib, hanger and motor drive base. The project was designed for high flow, low temperature rise for heating a large swimming pool. My design has been used for heating spas, hot tubs and aquatic ponds.

The zipped download contains:

  • a hyper linked PDF file of the plan book that opens all the internet links to supplier and reference web pages as well as shows full size versions of the photos and illustrations in your browser
  • the two full size patterns as PDF files
  • all the photos and illustrations as full size JPEG files.

Page previews (click to enlarge):

Each and every illustration and photo in the book is hyper linked to a full size version that opens in your browser. So, for example, if you were looking at the little diagram of the axle nut above and you clicked on it, you would see this in your browser. If you wanted to see a closup of the picture showing how to check alignment you would click on it and see this in your browser. All 205 pictures and illustrations are linked this way for you.

You can print the entire book, or just the pages you need.

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